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Re: Safety tip...

Noted, and also be aware that if you happen to have a wooden parking
deck like I do and put deck stain on it _be_careful_. I jacked up the
front of the 4kq to start working on the struts and the front of the car
slid sideways enough (about a foot) for it to jump right off the jack. I
never had that problem before and was very surprised. It turns out that
the deck stain is linseed oil based. When freshly applied, it must be
slippery as far as a car tire is concerned. Luckily, I hadn't unbolted
the wheel and nothing got smashed/damaged.
'86 4kq (doesn't stick to oily wood worth beans)

Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:
> Any time you have to jack a car up using the factory jack, put the spare
> tire under the rocker panel and if you're removing one of the full-size
> tires, put that under there as well ... should the car fall off the jack
> (like it did this morning while I was helping a woman change a flat tire),
> it won't fall all the way to the ground.  If nothing else, it makes it
> easier to get a real jack underneath to jack it back up ... best case, it's
> enough to keep the car from crushing your legs and/or other parts of your
> body.  :^)