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Audi goodies

Hi all,

Went to my local model car swapmeet yesterday, and collected a few Audi
goodies. My nicest find was a limited-edition 1:43 resin kit of the RS2
Avant, my definitive no-holds-barred dream Audi. (a propos this kit, could
anyone with a parts fiche help me obtain the Audi paint code for RS blue?
Black is my favourite, but tends to look drab on models)
The second acquisition was the CD ROM Audi issued at the Detroit Motor
Show, giving a presentation of the Allroad quattro. Very nice pics,
dual-platform Mac/PC CD. All files are there as high-res scans, too, so
graphics pros can use 'em for printing purposes (or just a nice poster).

A rummage through the odds 'n' ends box at a brochure stand yielded the
following: an 11/89 brochure in German detailing the IMSA 90q, tech stuff
and a summary of the racing season, in 6 pages. A brochure of the V8, in
German, dated 9/88, a 2/89 mechanics' introduction to the V8 in Dutch (any
of you V8 owners read any Dutch?), a brochure called 'Allrad fuer alle
Tage' (allroad for everyday use), German 2/89 with beautiful cutaway tech
drawings of all Audis and a tech introduction to their AWD systems, a
brochure of the Pininfarina 'Quartz' concept car based on the UrQ, a German
brochure of the 'quattro Pikes Peak' mountain bike, a nice early (1/89)
brochure of the Coupe in Dutch, a 7/91 German brochure of the S2, Brochures
in German for the Treser Audi Super 200, the Treser V8, and a Treser
brochure showing the Treser operation (RIP), the 100, Super 200, UrQ
roadster (yech!), the Coupe GT and 90 (4k) in 'superpfeil' (super arrow)
guise (yuk!), the Liner and Largo and Super 5000. Nice pictures of horrid
'80s abominations. Last items are an Oettinger brochure from 1983 with
specs and a price list for all the Oettinger tuned 5-cyl engines and a
Dutch brochure  'quattro- de techniek, het rijden' (looks to be late '85 or
early '86) with nice pictures of AWD Audis in action, and text telling you
how to take advantage of the AWD system, and how it works.

I'm also stocking up on Audi models which I intend to take to Pikes Peak in
'99. Several nice ones have been acquired for bargain prices already...


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1987 Audi 90q 2.3E, Tizianrot metallic, 165,000km

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