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Re: Pulling IC on 87 5KCST

Not sure about your car.  It can be done on an '89 200.  Get all
connections free (screws under bottom trim and long bottom edge of IC).
Remove the top half of the clamshell around the steering column (screws
from below).  Tilt the IC toward you.  Disconnect everything behind the IC.
 It will then slide out in the general direction of the RF window.  It's a
bit of a Chinese puzzle, but it will come.  Removal of the wheel makes it
easier but it's not necessary.

At 09:08 AM 7/26/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I am a novice trying to change the bulbs on the trip computer. I was told
in a
>posting that I could pull the IC without removing the steering wheel, but I
>don't see how? any help is appreciated
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