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Re: You all talk about camaraderie, yet no one shows up???????

I'm really sorry to disappoint you by not showing up, but I think I have
a pretty good excuse.  My baby is in the shop getting reconstructive
surgery on her passenger-side frontal area.  I would've felt extremely
out of place showing up in a late model Saab to a Audi picnic.  At least
give me points for showing up at the autocrosses!  Hey, it's not easy
parading around and showing off your pride and joy to other enthusiasts
when it's got a lot of impact damage to the front.  Once again, I'm
sorry.  Next event, I'll be there.  Promise.


On Sun, 26 Jul 1998 01:31:35 -0700 "Mike Zamarocy"
<***mhdavion@earthlink.net***> writes:
>Boy, everyone complains other Audi owners don't wave or flash their 
>yet when there is an honest to gosh sanctioned event, the SoCal 
>nobody from the Q-List shows up but a few of us! What is with you 
>folks? I
>joined what I thought was a great club, and I (did not) see THIS? And 
>seems that only Gary from Ronal with his A4 and I are the only ones in 
>SoCal area to show up at the local AutoX's to race and uphold Audi's 
>A lot of you have bashed A4org for a lot of stuff and act high and 
>and think the A4 is below your standards, yet you don't even show up 
>at one
>of your events. I am truly puzzled. And you'd think geez, here in 
>SoCal, Car
>Capitol of the world, that there would be Audi enthusiasts, NOT!
>And poor Mike, the guy in charge of the event got there at 6AM so as 
>to make
>sure there were saved parking spots, SIX AM!!!!! And all the while he 
>was in
>the parking lot saving YOUR spots, his plastic trash can and all his
>charcoal he bought (for you all) was taken away. He didn't say it, but 
>sure could tell he was disappointed.
>I will say I am sorry if I offended some, but you have got to see my 
>Many said they were coming, and though I still had fun, I am still
>scratching my head as to why you didn't? Really makes me wonder if I 
>spent $40 for a magazine subscription, and not a car club.
>Mike Zamarocy
>Please remove *** from my address to reply.