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Re: Shocks for 4kq (fwd)

On Sat, 25 Jul 1998, PN wrote:

> I've been casually looking for shocks for my 87 4kcsq for a few months and
> it seems like no one makes them for the q's. What are my options, and if
> anyone has any price info, and opinions on quality, please let me know. I'm
> interested in keeping some ride quality,and also want to keep the price
> down. Speaking of which, if anyone has some aftermarket shocks for sale,
> (new or slightly used) let me know.
> Paul 
> 874kq 


I've got the same car and the same situation.  Here is what I've found...
read to the bottom, as it's in no particular order.

RD Enterprises: 800-683-2890 / www.shox.com
Imparts: (800) 325-9043 / www.imparts.com
Autobahn International: 503.629.0438 / www.autobahnint.com
MacNeil Automotive: http://www.macneilauto.com/index.htm 1.800.313-7601
Vortrag Motorsports: www.vortrag.com / email todd candey (on list)


RD Enterprises:
        Shipping: $14.00

        Boge Turbo GAS:
        Front: $63.00
        Rear: $76.00
        Total: $278.00

        Front: $96.00
        Rear: $114.00
        Total: $420.00

        Koni Sport:
        Front: $132.00
        Rear: $122.00
        Total: $508.00

        H&R Springs: $179.95

MacNeil Automotive:
	Bilstein: (HD rate)
	$432.40 (for 4)
	$10.00 shipping

	Eibach springs:

* MacNeil has no Konis.
* RD Enterprises didn't say what Bilstein models he quoted (there are
SPORT and HD models).  They also sell Eibach, but at full list.
* Autobahn International is sold out of H&R springs (supposedly)

Here are some links detailing applications for the 4kq:
Eibach specs: http://www.eibach.com/cgi-bin/appguide1
Bilstein specs: http://catalog.com/susq/bilstein/baudi.htm

Here is a link to Koni's website:

I have Koni part numbers:
8610-1262 sport ext adj front
86-2086 sport adj, but not ext., rear

courtesy of the Koni web site.

If you've got a lead or go with something, please let us all know.

I've heard that the ranking in order of stiffness is:
Boge Turbo GAS (least)
Koni Sport
Bilstein Sport/HD (most)

but that is tantamount to a rumour.

Oh, and MacNeil says 10 days as they have nothing on hand.

Again -- anyone have any aftermarket they wanna sell?


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