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Re: Water Pump Seizure in 2.8 V6 90CSQ

Scott D. Keimig, Ph.D. wrote:
> At about 65K miles the water pump seized in my 1993 90CSQ with the 2.8
> V6.  In sequence the timing belt broke and my valve train turned to
> toast.  This was the original water pump and timing belt - all service
> work has been completed by authorized Audi dealerships and according to
> the schedule in the owner's manual (I'm the original owner, and this is
> my 4th Audi.)
Was your 60K mile service performed on schedule?  This is the sort of
thing that they should have caught.

> According to the Audi service reps, water pumps and belts are not
> replaced according to any schedule but by appearance of belt wear or
> development of coolant leaks (and my owner's manual seems to bear this
> out) unlike other marques where these are replaced at between 50K - 75K
> (and I recall my earlier Audi's having this as a service requirement.)
> Since my belt was fine and I had no coolant leaks, my parts were never
> changed out. So, by following the factory recommended servicing schedule
> and having the work performed by Audi certified mechanics, I am rewarded
> with a $2800 repair job!!
They're right, the service manual says that they should check the
condition of all belts every 30K miles and replace if necessary. 
Generally the timing belt, water pump, and all tensioners are generally
replaced at 60K miles.  It's unlikely (though possible) that the timing
belt will last much longer than 60K miles, especially considering that
the water pumps in the earlier V6's tend to seize with little warning. 
Given that my guess is that your dealer was somewhat negligent in
servicing your car.

> Any collected wisdom out there on this subject?  Are Audi water pumps
> prone to breakage at 6 years/65K or are they expected to last
> indefinitely? Shouldn't as a matter of course this service be completed
> at the 60K service? Is any help available from AOA? TIA!

The water pump on the V6 will by no means last indefinetely, mine was
replaced (along with timing belt, tensioners, and a number of engine
seals) at about 45K miles.  Many water pumps don't even last that long,
and if your dealer was competant at all they would have replaced all of
this at the 60K mile service.
If you have a *very* good relationship with your dealer, I would talk to
them and see if they will pick up any of the repairs themselves.  You
can be pretty sure that AoA won't be of much help.  Ask your dealer why
they didn't change the belt and water pump at the 60K mile service, tell
them that if they're worth anything they would know that the water pumps
are prone to seizing and that they should know that the timing belts
should probably be replaced at 60K miles regardless of what they look
like.  Threatening to take the problem to a higher-order representative
is a largely symbolic gesture because everyone knows that it probably
won't get you much.  Do it anyway, it shows that you care enough to try.
If they agree to pick up some/all of the tab for the repairs, let them
do it and find yourself a new dealer to do your work from now on.  If
they don't agree to pay for anything, find a new dealer to do the work
and have your car taken there for the work.

Good luck!

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