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Re: Test drove a new BMW......and AC

Oleg Kiselev decided to speak these words:

>i am wondering if it's the tires on the a6 -- i recall someone here
>recommending better tires than what comes standard on the a6.  any

Yeah, it will be the tires.  As a general rule, except for a few 
exceptions, the standard tires that come on cars are crap.  They are 
cheap for the manufacturer to install, but they are crap for handling.  
So if you are serious, then upgrade thetires.  Sport 8000's are a great 
choice and will definitely help, but they are pretty much hardcore 
performance tires...

>as for the humidity, every time i get into the a6 the a/c initially puffs
>out a lot of humid air.  is this a standard audi a/c behavior?

I think so, mine does it...


Michael Sheridan Williams
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