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Re: Water Pump Seizure in 2.8 V6 90CSQ

I contacted my dealer when my '92 100S w/ the 2.8 V6 hit 60k, and asked what
was to be changed at that time. I was told plugs, oil and filter and air
filter. No mention of the timing belt / water pump. When I asked if they
should be changed, I was told not until 90k. I inquired about the timing
belt change on the list, and was told to get it changed at 60k regardless of
what the dealer says. I had the belt changed at an independent shop at about
63k, but did not have the water pump changed. If your dealer has been
servicing your car regularly, and did not pick up on this problem, I would
demand that the repairs be covered by them. If they do not agree, contact
AoA, and see what they can do (probably little, basically ignored me for my
leaky head gaskets I had to have replaced around 55k). You should be at
least entitled to at least partial payment if the dealer missed the problem
when the 60k service was performed. Maybe I should have my water pump
checked! Good luck.

'92 100S (73k)