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Re: Water Pump Seizure in 2.8 V6 90CSQ

Craig D. Niederst wrote:

> Scott,
> I contacted my dealer when my '92 100S w/ the 2.8 V6 hit 60k, and asked what
> was to be changed at that time. I was told plugs, oil and filter and air
> filter. No mention of the timing belt / water pump. When I asked if they
> should be changed, I was told not until 90k.

Ditto. All I could think about was how the conversation would go:

Me: "My timing belt broke... the engine made all this violent noise... then
stopped. I think the valves, pistons, and head are now destroyed. You told me
that I didn't have to do the belt change until 90k miles. The car only has

Dealer: "Well, sure... we said that... but there are no guarantees. Just because
we said 90k miles doesn't mean that it won't break sooner. Sorry. Now how would
you like to pay for all that damage? MasterCard, Visa, Amex? Oh, and will you be
needing a rental car? It will take us quite a while to order all the parts, and
have one of our COMPETENT mechanics rebuild the engine."

Needless to say, I feared that conversation, and opted not to engage in such. I
had mine replaced well before 90k miles.. somewhere a bit over 70k miles (maybe
75k? I didn't know about 60k mile intervals, until the q-list...). As it was, I
felt I was on borrowed time.

> I inquired about the timing belt change on the list, and was told to get it
> changed at 60k regardless of
> what the dealer says.

Me too. Good advice indeed. As the saying goes: "An ounce of prevention..."

> Maybe I should have my water pump checked!

It is best to have the water pump replaced while the job is being done. Also,
the self adjuster pulley (whatever the gizmo's name is... I forget... and it's
too early in the morning to think...) should be done at the same time. Mine was
"sticking"... which would have most likely caused failure of the new belt in a
short time.

                     Jim Griffin
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