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Re: Water Pump Seizure in 2.8 V6 90CSQ

Scott D. Keimig, Ph.D. wrote:

> At about 65K miles the water pump seized in my 1993 90CSQ with the 2.8
> V6.  In sequence the timing belt broke and my valve train turned to

> According to the Audi service reps, water pumps and belts are not
> replaced according to any schedule but by appearance of belt wear or

> Any collected wisdom out there on this subject?  Are Audi water pumps
> prone to breakage at 6 years/65K or are they expected to last

Every mechanic and service desk guy I've talked to who's been around the
V6 for any length of time has said that you're on borrowed time over
60k with the timing belt. They've all seen belt failures, pump seizures
and tensioner failures which have wrecked motors.

My water pump starting making chirping sounds around 58k or so. I ignored
it but was lucky: somewhere around 63k I had everything replaced. Around
61k or so, I took off the timing covers to take a look around: no leaks
from the pump, belt looked okay, etc.

So, emperically, eventhough this stuff may _appear_ to be okay, it really
_won't_ last much longer...

1993 90CS 67k miles