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Re: Help:100CS Tranny

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jim Gearhart say:

> I hope you don't mind if I post the part number for the trans. dipstick here
> to the group.  I had several requests for it and thought some others might
> want it also.
> It's called Dipstick 02 and it's Part No. 01F 321 431A.

I finally got the Bentley for my '95 A6QW, and looked this up.
Yes, this is the right part number.

Howver, it will NOT fit on all cars. Some cars do not have
the access tube it goes into. Like mine :-(

Look just in front of and to the passenger's side of the
brake flud reservoir. If you see a capped metal tube that
goes down to the bottom of the car, you have the tube.


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