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RE: Antilag system by IA

I don't know about Ned's system, but I do know the Moetec system 
operation, I dont know if you can do all the needed changes with the 
factory Motronic box. Under certain conditions, which the user defines, 
the timing is retarded excessively (about 30'), more fuel is dumped in, 
and a throttle valve (either to hold open throttle plate or a bypass 
valve) to give engine more air is engaged. You must be careful how long 
the A/L is engaged, to long leads to melted exhaust manifolds. You also 
need a dash mounted switch to enable the system. One down side is the 
loss of engine braking, also, it sounds like your car is running awful. 
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
8? A2 rally car-with Motec of course !