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re: V8 UFO Brake Conversion

At 12:23 PM 7/27/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 09:11 AM 7/24/98 -0700, John Karasaki wrote:
>>You know, converting to the A8 brakes may be less than the cost of doing a
>>G60 conversion if you have a caliper mounting bracket fabricated and can
>>get the A8 calipers used.
>Hi John,
>The G60 conversion is not motivated purely by cost. My understanding is
>there is no way to get to the Brembos that are on Ingo's car without going
>through the expense of converting the V8's brakes to the more conventional
>S4 brakes, i.e. the G60s. So the cost is not $1500 but rather $1500 for the
>conversion + $2500 for the Big Red Brembo kit + the cost of 17" wheels and
>tires. This is not an insignificant hit at all which is why I am going to
>research this thoroughly before I make a decision. Converting to the A8
>brakes is not any cheaper especially considering that the A8 brakes are
>inferior to the Big Reds.
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Why would you convert to the G60's first then convert to anything else?
That's ridiculous unless you got the G60 struts for free and also got a
Brembo kit designed for the G60 cars.  Since custom rotor hats and caliper
mounting brackets have to be fabricated for any conversion you do, what
you're proposing doesn't make any sense.  TAP, KVR, Hoppen, etc. all offer
dirrect brake upgrades for the UFO cars.

So that extra $1500 you have in there for the G60 conversion step is not a
real cost.  Also, I don't understand why that $1500 G60 conversion number
keeps getting used.  I offered all the parts to do this conversion to this
list a year ago for about 1/2 that.  How many takers did I have?  ZERO!  So
I didn't buy the wrecked V8 and John's Imports got it.

Your last cost point is the subject of much debate.  Some say that 16"
wheels can be used with spacers.  I have not seen any cars with this nor
have I "run the numbers" so I don't know this to be true or not.  If it can
be done, then the cost of wheels can be eliminated too.

You say that "Converting to the A8 brakes is not any cheaper especially
considering that the A8 brakes are inferior to the Big Reds."  Yes, the A8
brakes may be inferior to the Big Reds.  I don't see, however, how they
being inferior has anything to do with them NOT being cheaper.  I haven't
checked on dealer prices of the A8 calipers yet, but I have 2 A8 rotors
sitting in my garage and they are "cheap" at $100 each.

Good luck in your upgrade quest.  I'd appreciate it if you would forward
any new info. to me.  Thanks.