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Re: Timing Belt/Water Pump

Have you ever replaced the timing belt on the V6 before?  It's a little
tricky, and involves 2 special tools.

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Jon Moritz wrote:
> Asleep at the computer terminal It was graciously pointed out to me that I
> forgot my model info  DUH
> 1992 100 (non-q) 93k mi
> So
> once again:
> Ok so after reading about the need to replace timing belt, water pump, and
> idlers at 90K  (which I just passed this month)  Who has the best prices
> for these items?
> Locally (NAPA):
> Timing Belt : $60
> Water Pump: $95
> Idlers: dealer only = $ouch$
> Thanks a mil
> jon
> Jon Moritz
> University of North Dakota - School of Medicine
> '92 Audi 100 93k mi
> In the Audi wasteland of NW Minn/ NE Nodak