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Misc Ramblings

I can sympathize with the individual who capped off on the
A**HOLE who scratched his Audi. Had an incident this
weekend whilest up in Duluth, MN playing tourist with
the family. Hindsight tells me that I didn't handle the
situation very well, but it's done and past.

One happy note. We had to take two cars due to the large
number of people in our group (8), so we took my '93 90S
and my parent's Buick Regal. The cruise up was a bit of
a pain due to medium levels of traffic. I wasn't able to
maintain a straight 79mph, posted is 70mph. The cruise
back to the Twin Cities that night was pretty sweet
though. I have learned that a quick double flash of the
bright lights gets most people out of the left lane. The
only exception was some teenager driving his dad's
Lincoln, he just didn't get the clue, but he did get the
message when I left the full brights on (only after the
conehead tried freaking me out by hitting his brakes).
My sister was driving the Regal behind me and said
it was like driving behind a snowplow, I just kept
clearing the left lane. She got a good chuckle out of it.

Happy traveling. Keep the shiny side up.

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