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re: Subject: Food for thought (Re: UFO Brake Conversion)

Luis wrote:
Could the reason for UFO brake warping/overheating be inherent to their
UFO design?  Any rotor has to be able to perform two duties: absorb heat
when braking, and getting rid of it afterwards.  The first part the
UFO's must do quite well, since they have good mass (heavy!) and swept
area, but I don't think they are very efficient at getting rid of the
According to the Audi documentation produced when they intro'd the UFOs, one
of their advantages was control of heat produced during braking; also, the BBS
rims used with the '91 200q and V8 was supposed to increase airflow across the
brakes.  The rotors are vented, as are the rotor "hats".  There are also brake
vents on the nose of the car directing air to the rotors.