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Failing water pump / thermostat symptoms?

All this talk of failing water pumps and broken timing belts has caused me
to question a problem that has recurred on my '92 100S over the past few
months. First of all, I had my timing belt done at 63k (now at 73k), but not
the water pump. When you start up the car in the morning (a cold start), a
whining noise is heard from the front of the car. It increases with rpms,
but goes away after a couple of minutes. I've had the car back to the place
that did the timing belt, and they cannot find anything wrong. Does this
sound like a possible failing water pump? Secondly, after the car has been
driven awhile, and then left to sit, you can hear gurgling coming from the
cooling system. Even after the car has cooled almost completely, the
gurgling can be heard. If I attempt to open the coolant expansion tank, even
after the car has sat for a few hours, antifreeze comes gushing out under
pressure. The antifreeze level is between the max and min lines on the tank,
so its not overfilled. Bad thermostat? BTW, the car does not overheat, even
with the AC on, but the temp gauge does fluctuate a good bit. TIA.

'92 100S (73k)