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Condensation (?) from a/c

Just how much of a (condensation?) puddle is too much?

I understand that when the a/c is running, there is a possibility that
liquid (condensation) would pool under the car and that it is nothing to
worry about.  I recently had my a/c charged (up from .31 lbs.) and it passed
a vacuum test on WalMart's machine.  Of late, the weather in Seattle has
been ~95 degrees and I have been mainly running the a/c on AUTO/LO temp/HI
fan.  When I do so, there are two drips, about 6 in. apart, in the center (L
to R) of my car right around the front axle.  On HI fan, they drip about
once or twice per second and make a nice little puddle.  On LO fan they
barely drip.  The last time the a/c was charged was 4 years / 34k mi. ago.
It passed the vacuum test then, too, but needed an O-ring at the restrictor.

Please, somebody (honestly) tell me that this is just condensation...

- Andrejs
'88 5ksq