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Re: A4 1.8T vs 2.8

James M. Simone wrote:

> Frank Stadmeyer wrote:
> > My previous posts on the subject elicited a great deal of good advice.
> > However,my friend  is still hung up on the fancy seats available only in
> > the 2.8 (please no comments about shortsightedness).  Does any one have any
> > info on when the '99 models will be out and (this is a long shot)  any info
> > on the seat options?
> What do you mean by "fancy seats"? The only difference for the 2.8 is the
> optional leather, and, if you wave enough money in front of the dealer, could
> still get for the 1.8T (rumor) or have it done aftermarket.

Yes.....I hear that an interior can be converted to leather for about $1000 from
my dealer (I was considering it but....) so.....

tell your friend to get the sport seats, and have the interior recovered in
leather.  Sure, for a grand they may not get the door panels and everything, but
the seats, front and back, is what they're after, right?  And the sport steering
wheel/shift knob is already leather.

'97 A4ta
'90 80a