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> I finally test drove one of these beauties!!  Off the line, it feels slower
>than my 4000, but after 3500-4000rpms, it takes off.  Is this normal?

Yup.  20V engine loves to rev, the music starts at 3500 and builds from there, redline is 7000.

>I can get it for $9200, and it has 100,034 miles on it.

If there is no glaring problem (see below) then that is a reasonable price for the condition you describe.

>The only problem in the car I could find, is the coolant light was being >displayed as soon as I turned on the key and
it stayed on.

Good chance it just needs topping off.  Next step would be to clean the sensor.

>Should I look for anything else?

There is a checklist of common problems (and important maintenance) at http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/3229/
click on "Buyers Guide"

>Thanks in advance!

No problem.  I'm obviously biased, but these are great cars.

Matt Rooke