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Timing belt tensioner question...

Ok, now I'm worried. All this talk about the v6 timing belts etcs has me
wondering. I recently picked up a 94 100CSQ. It's pretty much flawless
and runs strong BUT it has just over 60k miles and the dealer (not Audi)
did the 60k but NOT the timing belt citing the fact that "officially" Audi
doesn't do it till 90k. Ok, so I'll have Audi do it along with the water
pump and tensioner.

My question is, under very slight acceleration, the car seems to have a
hesitation. At idle it's smooth as silk and if you get on it, the car is
again smooth. Is there anyway that I can be feeling a bad belt tensioner ?
My wife thinks I'm crazy, (it's her car) she can't feel it and thinks I'm
just looking for an excuse to do something to the car...  First thing I'm
gonna do is look to see what kind of a 60k service job the dealer did, but
it sure does feel like a timing problem to me.


86 4KCSQ 
94 100CSQ