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Project 4ktq started

<<Engine came out OK, over winter it will be honed I think, head cleaned up
and then cosmetically enhanced a little.   >>
	Did you check the compression before you pulled it?  If the compression is
good you can install it as-is.  The engine in my '87 5KTQ still had some of
the original hone marks at 240K+ miles, compression had been 135-140 on all
five cylinders for the last 100K miles.  If I hadn't screwed up the head it
would still be running fine.
	You are on the right path with the cleaning.  Detail-clean everything.  Even
the bottom sides of stuff.  Paint anything that was painted originally, such
as valve cover and t-belt cover).  Detail paint other stuff if you like (I
even painted the engine mounts flat black.)

<<Engine is the later KH with the water cooled turbo and the
computer operated engine management.  I will change the computer to the
Mac-12 or 14 and run higher boost (1.8 bar?) >>
	MAC-14 is for higher compression engines with two knock-sensors.  Unless the
engine came with two you will be better served using a single knock-sensor
control unit.  Make sure you have an ECU that will match the engine, otherwise
things can get confusing if you try to have someone rework the programming for
more boost.

<<hopefully with an intercooler somewhere.>>
	"Hopefully" is not an option at higher boost pressures.....

<<Looking into the 944Turbo unit or something better than stock.>>
	This function is driven strictly by dollars.

	Having done an engine swap recently, my recommendation is for you to take
your time.  Plan every step, and WRITE DOWN what you did/didn't do.  Make sure
it's accurate because when you try to trace down problems (yep, you're going
to have some) you will need to know EXACTLY where you are.  BTDT, made a note
in the logs for my engine swap, but did not do what I wrote down.  That's
caused me lots of problems for the past month.  Only a physical inspection of
my work showed where the problem was.

	Best wishes from Bucksnort.