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Re: Timing belt tensioner question...

Ooh, you get a Bently?  The 90's don't have one.
The CC codes are really only for CC-related problems, but there is some
stuff like engine speed and coolant temp.  The little jumper in the fuse
box, at least for my 90, is for the VAG1551--you connect the jumper and
that activates the thing that dumps the codes (or something like that). 
Maybe if you've got a trip computer it works differently.

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Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> Hairy green toads from Mars made Elliott Potter say:
> > Phil Payne wrote:
> > > I suggest you pull the codes and be prepared for the finger to be
> > > pointed at the OXS sensor.
> >
> > That would be nice, wouldn't it?  Can't pull the codes on the '92+ (?)
> > cars without the VAG1551 scan tool.
> Wow, I can use my new Bentley!
> I will see if you can pull these codes with either the CC diagnostic
> mode, or the fuse-box jumper.
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