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735i or no 735i?

Thanks to all who gave input on my potential purchase of the BMW 735i. I 
received opinions from both sides of the fence. Sticking with the Q! 
We've been through too much together and its really running well. Also 
when you have 4 cars in the family with the same basic engine you become 
very well acquianted with the mechanicals not to mention comfortable. 
Don't really want to start over with an 80's car. Need to get into the 
90's. Besides my mechanic has a yard full of Audis- just got a sun visor 
and seat memory switch gratis, goes with the after run relay. Where would 
I find such low upkeep for the BIMMER?
Thanks again.

87 5CSTQ - 115,000
A great car, a great hobby!
Son#1 - 82 Coupe
Son#2 - 90 20vQ