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Re: Timing belt tensioner question...

Elliott Potter wrote:
> Phil Payne wrote:
> >
> > In message <...> pollock@leia.eng.pko.dec.com writes:
> > [...]
> > I suggest you pull the codes and be prepared for the finger to be
> > pointed at the OXS sensor.
> That would be nice, wouldn't it?  Can't pull the codes on the '92+ (?)
> cars without the VAG1551 scan tool.  OXS sounds promising, though, or
> possibly a slightly clogged exhaust?  That would account for nice idling
> and holding but poor acceleration.

You can get codes from the the V6 ECU just like most other Audis;
I do all the time :-)

You just need a paper clip or other suitable wire to shorts the pins
in the fuse box; that starts the dump by blinking the "Check Engine"
light. (I forget which pins, though I can look it up if anyone needs
to know.)

Like the older ECUs, you don't get the more detailed info about the
code that a 1551 can extract, but hey. I must say, though, I've never
had a code stored _without_ the Check Engine light coming on. I think
that must be a change from the I5 ECUs....

For the original poster: make sure they replaced the spark plugs at
the 60K service. I've found the V6 to be very sensitive to plug
age. I also agree with Phil that one (or, $$$, both) of the O2 sensors
could be letting go. Mine went at about 45K miles...

1993 90CS 67k miles