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TAP and intercoolers

Had a fun conversation with a salesman from TAP today, thought the list
members might get a kick out the following verbage.

Me: I'm calling about an intercooler for an 89 200tqw. . .

TAP:  Yeah, $795.

Me:  Who is the manufacture?

TAP:  I'm not sure. . .I think a company in England, probably Dialynx, its
a real nice unit, all-alum.

Me:  Any bigger than stock?

TAP:  No, but it has a 50% increase in flow.

Me:  How do they achieve the increased flow and still remain the same size.

TAP:  Well. . ., it has more fins.

Me:  But how do they have more fins but remain the same size?

TAP:  Well. . ., it fits in the stock mounting location.

Me:  (sat speechless trying to figure what this had to do with anything)

TAP:  The real nice thing about it is that there is no plastic to the unit,
it's all one-piece.

Me:  Do you have any charts showing the increase flow?

TAP:  Uh, no.

Me:  Thanks, click

Gee, sure would be nice to have some actual numbers to go along with the
(it's all one-piece) brag when your looking at spending close to a G on a
used pop-can.  Somehow I think I could increase the flow just be cleaning
the one on the car.  Therefore, I am willing to sell anyone on the list an
"Increased flow" intercooler from my car for . . . . . .(hmmmmm) $500, yeah
that seem fair.  Just don't ask me for a flow chart to prove it. :)