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re: oh well!(kaboom)- story time

> In message <35BDDB75.18BD2F94@nais.com> Michael Murphy writes:
> > They used the term "drive aways" for service incidents where self-serve
> > customers forgot one important step in the fueling process, remove hose
> > from vehcile gas tank.  It happens more than you think, and a couple of
> > these incidents literally "lit up the station".
and Phil Payne replies;

> The reason that nozzle 'locks' are forbidden in the UK.  You let go of
> the handle - it stops pumping.  So you have to hold it till you're done,
> and naturally put it back.
> I _think_ they're now banned Europe-wide.  Ten years ago in Germany,
> you could stick the hose in and flick the catch over so it carried
> on pumping while you did the screens.
  It's a law in my part of Canada too.  I have a
little tool I take with me so I can go about
cleaning the screens.  It can happen anyway tho'.
Some years ago I pulled into a station and was
waiting for a turn (full service station).  The
attendant was talking to an elderly driver of a
late 70's model Audi (now see, there's content),
heard the nozzle trip off, and glanced at the
amount due.  The driver paid him, said 'keep the
change,' and drove off.  Things at this point
became slow motion.  No one had the slightest
inclination about what was going to happen.  I can
remember the attendant standing there watching as
the Audi pulled away, and then a grinding noise
and a major POP.  Almost immediately after that
was a big ball of fire.  Started up the ol'
D*****, put it in reverse and stepped on it.  When
I was far enough away, I stopped to have a
look-see.  People were running every which way.
The attendant was sitting on his butt about 20
feet away from where he was standing previously.
Someone apparently had their wits about them and
shut down the power.  Fire eventually went out.
Turns out that the nozzle on the hose broke off
but not before yanking the pump askew.  Scary
times in the boonies.

I read in the paper later on that the driver was
trying to get the said station to pay for damages
to his car.