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Re: OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)

>Turbo oil pressure hoses
>Turbo cooling pump & injector cooling fan etc

But, not all quattros have a turbo affixed to the intake.  My 5ksq doesn't.
Neither does my CQ 20v.  Nor does the 100CSq, or the 4ksq, or the Quantum
Syncro, or the 80q, or the 90q, or the V8/A8, A6, or A4.

>Center drive shaft &  bearing, Universal joint
>Center and rear differentials, locks, vacuum actuators, senders & harness,

Um, the 4k/5k with quattro had vacuum to engage the diff locks, but my CQ does
not.  The centre seems to be a Torsin, er Tors#n, and for the, it rear has a
nifty button you push.  Later q cars have EDL or T-sens.

If you treat the car correctly (as far as maint. goes) the two cars (let's say
a 100q and 100 non-q w/V6 12v, 4spd tranny) will be having the same problems,
and have identical bills.  (Tranny and kissing valves/pistons)

My two cents;  get a quattro, you won't regret the driving expirence it
provides, and the security it instills.

-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ 20v
'88 90
'87 5ksq
'87 5ks