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On Saturday and Sunday, September 12-13, the Allegheny Region of the
Porsche Club of America will be hosting a high-speed driver's education
event at the Nelson's Ledges Race Track.  This is open to all cars and drivers
meeting the following requirements:

-  Minimum of 18 of years of age possessing a valid driver's license
-  Safe car; Porsche not required; Porsche Club membership not required.
-  3-point minimum seat belts, driver and passenger
-  Equal seating for driver and passenger
-  1990 or newer "M" or "SA"-rated helmet (must have manufacturer's
   rating label in helmet)
-  Long-sleeve cotton shirt, long cotton pants, leather or canvas shoes
-  Maximum of one novice driver per car (3 or less such driver's
   education events)
-  Open cars require a roll bar taller than the top of the driver's or
   instructor's head with a helmet on.  Arm restraints required on open
-  Sunroofs must be closed; Targa tops on
-  No open exhausts
-  Cars should be safety-checked by qualified mechanic before coming to
   track (checks will be done then).  A check list will be sent upon
   receipt of application

All applicants will be teamed with a qualified instructor during
on-track sessions (total on-track time approx. 2 hrs. per day).
Mandatory classroom sessions will also be held.

Cost of the school is $130.

Can send application via:

a) Postal service mail upon receipt of mailing address
b) E-mail (MS Office 95 format) upon receipt of E-mail ID.

Any questions, please e-mail me at porsray@aol.com or call 412/824-5264
evenings (Eastern time zone)or the registrars on the form.

(P.S. - might also want to chek out the Allegheny Region PCA web site:)

Ray Calvo, Allegheny Region PCA