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Re: OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)

Tomas Leveckis decided to speak these words:

>    I dont understand this one.  I have never heard of the quattro system 
>    costing anything as far as maintainance...am i wrong?  i just dont 
>    consider it ia maintainance item...i dunno
>    later...
>Statements like that without substantiation should be ignored........

Okie, how bout you just jump on me asap huh?

How bout i elaborate to make you happy.  I consider it to be essentially 
a non maintainance item due to the fact that my car has the original 
components of the q system. This includes orig tranny, rear diff, 
driveshaft, rear CV's rear CV boots etc etc....perhaps my statement only 
applies to the 4kq...

However i rarely on this list hear of someone who has a failure of the 
system itself.  If anything, its going to be the vacuum lines or 
something relatively cheap...nothing expensive breaks except under 
extreme circumstances...as far as i know...

is that better?


Michael Sheridan Williams
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