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re: oh well!(kaboom)- story time

> > > They used the term "drive aways" for service incidents where self-serve
> > > customers forgot one important step in the fueling process, remove hose
> > > from vehcile gas tank.  It happens more than you think, and a couple of
> > > these incidents literally "lit up the station".
> >
> and Phil Payne replies;
> > The reason that nozzle 'locks' are forbidden in the UK.  You let go of
> > the handle - it stops pumping.  So you have to hold it till you're done,
> > and naturally put it back.
> >
> > I _think_ they're now banned Europe-wide.  Ten years ago in Germany,
> > you could stick the hose in and flick the catch over so it carried
> > on pumping while you did the screens.
> >
>   It's a law in my part of Canada too.  I have a

Tens years ago, I spent (lost) a month of my life in the horrid state of New 
Jersey. While there, I noted that it is apparantly illegal (or was) for customers
to pump their own fuel. Even the smallest convenience store, with only a 
single employee, had to have that lone employee come out and pump your
fuel for you.

I suppose this is the reason why, but I was still mightily annoyed.  -dq
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