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Re: OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)

Big Al <awoolhouse@zetex.com>  wrote:
>      Theoretically this is obvious - a Q is going to cost you more.
>      It's more expensive to fix IF it goes wrong. It drinks more fuel. It
>      costs more to insure. It IS more complex mechanically so there ARE
>      more things to go wrong. And you're more likely to need a more
>      specialist mechanic. With specialist tools. At a specialist rate.
>      There are a million good compelling reasons to buy a quattro (I hope
>      they're good because I keep on doing it) but unfortunately, economy
>      isn't one of them. But. All of the above can apply to much lesser cars
>      too. Buy one wisely and you will NOT regret it. Lots of cars cost lots
>      of dosh and sometimes you don't get your money's worth. You would with
>      a quattro. Which would you prefer? A large, thirsty, complex,
>      comfortable, ugly, slow, techno-limo - or a real car? Come on you only
>      live once. You know it makes sense.
>      Good luck
>      Big Al
>      85 URQ
>      95 A62.6V6
Big Al:
Thanks for your comments I fully agree with your observations.  I drive
Quattro. I own 3 Audis . There are 7 Audis in my family. Four are

In the "original" request for opinion Andrei Kogan wrote the following
" I will not be able to afford (timewise) to have a car as a hobby "
" I am interested in particular in non-quattro 100 and 200, 89-92
" I would like to see a 100 with as few electrical amenities (such as
seat ajustments)" as possible."
" Can we afford owning an Audi ( say 5-8 years old with 100K miles or
less) and not a mass-market car under circumstances when we cannot do
any mechanical work on the car ourselves any longer ?"
Would you recommend Andrei to buy  a Quattro ?