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Re: OPINION WANTED : Audi as a "consumer" vehicle (long)

Another Carselle "Audi-Nut" here.....

Personally I think the Audi would be a fine 2nd car .... I do think that the
Quattro driveline has more potential at the higher mileage for service
costs...heck that is why we do so much of the work ourselves........The
Quattro driveline is very reliable..I just took a 1,400 mile trip on July 4th
without concern on a 130K mile Quattro......anyways there are simply more
bushings associated with the rear end over the boring live arm rear suspension
of the FWD Audi's......the rear trap arms have some complexity and there are
some evil (actually not evil just pricey) repair shops and dealers out there
that will not align a Quattro if there is some wear in some rear suspension
components like the rear bushings, rear tranverse links, rear support for
front of trap arm,

I bought the 22mm and 24mm sockets in my tool kit for my Quattro not my
FWD...either case.....do I still look for Q's for sale ? yes I want another

My verdict for a second car.......buy the Audi you most like and enjoy driving
the most.....the Q has more moving parts but more smiles to the gallon.....

90 90
Rob Carselle - Columbus, OH