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timing belt

I finally got around to the timing belt in my 90 20V and I have a
couple questions.
Three bolts on the timing chain backing plate had some kind of blue
stuff at the ends.  Is this some kind of sealant.  What can I use
there?  The crankshaft bolt had some kind of green corrosion inhibitor
on it.  I was thinking of using a copper based anti seize compound, I
think it is called fel-pro on and off.  Is this acceptable?
The engine block where the water pump goes has a ring of corrosion
where the pump body mates.  I wire brushed it off and there is a
slight depression.   Has anyone had one leak there?  Is this typical? 
Will the O-ring seal this?

I turned the stud that is pressed into the head to hold the timing
belt cover with a pliers thinking it was threaded and that was the way
to get the backing plate off without removing the timing belt pulley
on the camshaft.  It may hold torque when installing but later removal
may be a problem.  Any one have any suggestions?  I'm worried about
pounding on it thinking it will go through the head.  I could try to
pull it and epoxy it in there.

I took greasy notes and will post a procedure for the list archives.

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