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Re: hydr. fluid reservoir seems opaque

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil Rose say:

> The hydraulic fluid reservoir in my '91 200q looks ordinary enough: pale
> yellow plastic, with a just bit of oily dirt on the outside here and there
> :)  But...
> But...the container is so nearly opaque that I'm unable to get _any_ idea
> of the Pentosin level unless I unscrew the cap and peer inside. Shop light
> or flashlight doesn't seem to help. The otherwise-identical-looking
> reservoir in my '89 100 shows the fluid level at a glance. Is it common for
> reservoirs to have this degree of opacity, or is mine clearly (heh, heh)
> defective? The fluid looks green, btw.

My '89 100Q is pretty opaque. I shine a flashlight down the
open top, which seems to work pretty well.


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