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'87 5ktqw driveline backlash?

> Morning,
> Not sure if I have a problem or not on a '87 5kcstqw with 226K miles.
> In second and first when slowing down the car jurks to a slow. You have
> to push clutch in to stop the jurking. Engine runs fine it is all in the
> driveline/transmission. Bought the car 3 months ago and noticed it
> somewhat, now my daughter has driven it a month and when I drove it last
> weekend noticed it was happening more often. Any imput on where to look.
> Noted transmission output shaft seal is weeping.
> thanks,
> Rod Michaelson
> '95 90csq
> '91 90cs
> '87 5kcstqw
> '98 chevy k1500

I noticed the same with my '86 5kcs tq.  It has 178k miles,
and has been like that ever since I bought it about 10k
miles earlier.  I assumed it was a result of all the slop
in the quattro system and differentials combined.  The guy
I got it from is a private dealer specializing in VW/Audi,
and he just nodded when I mentioned my theory, but maybe
he was just agreeing to keep me satisfied.  It even 
happens, to a much lesser extent, in my '84 4ksq.  I used
to think an automatic would lessen the phenomenon, but my
wife has a knack for jerking her FWD auto (not Audi) by
backing off the clutch hard on the freeway. :P  I admit,
it is a pain having to hit the clutch every time you
decelerate, and it is part of the reason I am selling my

Anyway, if this phenomenon can be lessened, I'm all ears