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Buying a 5000CS Turbo Quattro?


  I just joined this list because I have been seriously considering the
purchase of an older (87 or 88) Quattro. I have been reading the postings
(and a few archives) and have not come across a Quattro FAQ. Is there such
a beast?

  I'm considering the 5000CS Quattro Turbo because:

1) I really need AWD in the winter (I live on a steep, .25-mile driveway in

2) I have always admired the styling and apparent longevity of the Audi 5000

3) I like the accoutrements associated with the CS (leather, power
everything, etc.)

4) I'm looking for a medium sized car with a 5 speed manual trans (my other
car is a 95 SHO MTX -- a nice car but not a snow car)

5) I love the pep of the turbo -- it's amazingly zippy for a 2.2 liter 4.

6) I tried one with 207,000 miles and was very impressed with the comfort,
speed, drivability, etc.

7) I never did believe the 60 Minutes blasphemy...

But I don't  know a lot about Audis. I do a little of my own work and know
a little bit about cars, but I'm no mechanic. What should I look out for?
Am I crazy to be considering 10-11 year cars with 130-207k miles (I'm
actually considering 3 different 5000CSTQs with varying mileage and
condition. Ironically, the one with the highest mileage (207k) seems to be
in the best condition.) What should I be watching out for? Engine
compression, oil consumption, etc.? Turbo? Clutch? Electronics? Suspension?
Or what?

Any advise you experts can offer would be greatly appreciated. By the way,
the pricing of the ones I'm considering (in Vermont) is as follows:

 87 Audi 5000CS Quattro Turbo 207K miles. Apparently very well cared for.
Body and interior good-excellent; "needs nothing". "Gold" $4250

 88 Audi 5000CS Quattro Turbo 130K miles. A little body damage (dings,
paint chips, signs of abuse). Didn't start, rebuilt starter to be installed
before sale. 1 pw switch broken. "Pearlescent white" $5995 neg.

 88 Audi 5000CS Quattro Turbo 195K miles. Body good, one dent, minor paint
damage. Interior leather needs stitching. Needs exhaust (disconnected at
cat). A/C does not work. Asking $3999, but would take $3000. "grey metallic"

 There are a couple of others (including a 200 wagon) I have yet to look
at. Suggestions?

 Thanks in advance.


 Roger Lawson