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Re: Fantastic Lights - Super White PIAA Bulbs...


NO. For two reasons:

1)  POS Stock lights use 9004 bulbs; H4 won't fit, and I'm pretty sure PIAA
doesn't make a 9004 (or 9005) application. You need 9004.

2)  The lenses on the US lights are so bad it doesn't much matter how bright
the light is - it is still hopelessly scattered.

H4 = dual filament high/low beam bulb. 
H3 = single filament driving/fog bulb. THis is what comes in most driving
lights. It is basically equivalent to H1, just that the mounting rings/flanges
(whatever you call that part) are a bit different. Otherwise H1=H3 as far as
I'm aware. 

I suggest you get some Hella XL's and leave the stock lights alone if you
don't want to spend much but want to see at night. Also, you can drive around
with the brights on all the time - no one will ever know. BTDT for years on my
previous 86 5ktq. 



91 200q

Russ Southelrin wrote:
> Sarge or anyone,
> Do you think these bulbs would do any good in the stock DOT piece of
> sh** lights?  I know it is the DOT refelectors that make them so bad. If
> the wattage is stock then we would not have to change the harness over
> to relays etc. - yes/no?  What exactly is the difference between H3 and
> H4.
> Thanks
> Russ
> 87 5KCSTQ (with piece of sh** DOT lights)
> Littleton, CO