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POP goes the clutch pedal

Well, some of you may remember my trip out west to Ohio about two years ago
to retrieve my 89 200q from where she decided to let her Clutch MC go.
Well, guess what? She decided to break her Clutch pedal tonight. I couldn't
believe it. It's firmly my belief this occured due to the fact that the
clutch MC was never properly installed (having a hard time coming up
fully). Regardless, it's completely my fault for ignoring it for so long. 

And no.. for those wondering, this has nothing to do with my $0.04 solution
to my cruise problem. The pedal snapped where the MC u-joint meets the
pedal. Of course, this is complete inconvienece. It spent an hour trying to
McGuiver a solution so I could get home but the heat, the cramped working
conditions, and the inevitable caught a hold of me. I called the tow truck.
She's now at the shop. 

>From the bentley it looks like the pedal itself is simply attached with
clips on the ends of pins. Great... too bad it's completely inacessible.
There is all sorts of stuff around it, blocking acess.. not to mention the
fact that you are upside down. 

Okay.. so where do I get a used pedal?  Anybody got one they want to let go
of. I'm in need. 

Also, is *this* a common problem?

P.S.  Thank god it wasn't the MC again, and this must be vengence from the
Audi Gods for recommending that our fellow lister Andrei purchase a Toyota.

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K
85 Mr2, 77K
92 Miata, auto, 6K, For Sale (Mom's)