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Re: 95.5(*) S6 FS in Rochester, NY

>Phil Rose decided to speak these words:
>>But here's what's interesting (I guess): I know that late '95 S car
>>production was "special". But I didn't think there was anything _different_
>>about its Torsen setup from previous S4 and S6. This particular S6 has the
>>Quattro IV (?) system. Like the '96 A6, I guess. The salesman (he seems to
>>know a lot more than the average Audi salesman) claims that towards the end
>>of 1995 production, Audi phased in the next-generation Torsen for the last
>>dribble of the 95.5 S6 cars. There is no center diff. lock switch on its
>>console. He claims there are only about 100 of these that were imported
>>into the US. Anyway, I wasn't previously aware of two different 95.5 S6
>>variants. Well known fact? Fiction?
>Well, your dealer doesnt know all that much.  The switch that was on the
>console was for the rear diff when quattro II was created.  Quattro III
>was only on the V8 as far as i know.  And Quattro IV is simply when they
>added in the EDL front and rear...no big deal...
>No torsen car has a center diff lock switch...and torsen that has a diff
>lock switch is simply for the rear....


The salesman isn't responsible for my misquote.

What I _intended_ to say was that there was no diff. lock switch on the
center console (I said "center diff." by mistake). The point of my story
was to describe a 95.5 S6 with Quattro IV EDL. Is that a well-known variant
(of that model) or not?


Phil Rose		Rochester, NY
'89 100
'91 200q		pjrose@servtech.com