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Re: Audi as a "consumer car"

Couple of pieces of input here...

Both type 44 quattros I've owned have developed a drivetrain noise that I
would describe as a rumbling similar to a freight train heard from far
away.  No component has failed however.  I usually don't even notice it,
but on long trips sooner or later it creeps into my consciousness and
becomes annoying.  Still hasn't deterred me from thoroughly enjoying
these beasts.  

Honda.  Marketed to the US public on reliability and economy of
ownership.  My mom's '85 Accord sedan with 135k miles has required a new
transmission and then a new torque converter in the last 4 years.  Total
BS.  She is not an aggressive or abusive driver and stays up to day with
the appropriate maintenance.  Has been told '85s and '93s were
problematic years for transmissions.  Why?  Unacceptable considering
their (very successful) marketing strategy.  Then there's the carburetor
that must be _removed_ from the intake manifold to adjust the mixture and
idle speed ( how the hell are you going to get that right on the first
try?!).  And now she's being told that the steering rack is leaking and
needs attention.  Gee, sound sort of familiar.  I'm going to do all I can
to get her into a new Passat.  I don't think I'll see that happen though.

My 87 CGT has required very little attention in 6 years and 60k rather
hard miles.  A couple of wheel bearings, one front brake pad/rotor
change, oil changes.  It is currently my daily driver (until I get the
blower motor fixed on the Avant).  I haven't even had the A/C looked at
since I've owned it.  (Quick where's my lucky block of wood?!  Oh here it
is between my ears...)

Ed Kellock ................... Greenville, SC  USA
91 200q avant .......... 87 Coupe GT

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