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Re: 95.5(*) S6 FS in Rochester, NY

Yes, my 96 A6q has no center diff lock button in the dash, so that is the same.
I believe that the switch came as a new EDL on both the front and rear diffs.

Phil Rose wrote:

> 95.5(*) S6???? What's that all about, well read on. I just stopped briefly
> at the local Audi dealer here in Rochester to see what they had in way of
> interesting used cars. I recall they had advertised two 95 S6 Audis a
> couple of weeks ago.
> One was still there:
> Emerald green/black leather
> 45K miles
> phone, no CD changer
> asking $29K
> Looks pretty clean--a few stone chips on hood and a small (1") gouge in
> (underside of) lower left rear bumper cover. Otherwise sharp. The PO traded
> in on a 911. I didn't drive the car. I have no idea what the warranty
> situation is--but presumably some original warranty left.
> But here's what's interesting (I guess): I know that late '95 S car
> production was "special". But I didn't think there was anything _different_
> about its Torsen setup from previous S4 and S6. This particular S6 has the
> Quattro IV (?) system. Like the '96 A6, I guess. The salesman (he seems to
> know a lot more than the average Audi salesman) claims that towards the end
> of 1995 production, Audi phased in the next-generation Torsen for the last
> dribble of the 95.5 S6 cars. There is no center diff. lock switch on its
> console. He claims there are only about 100 of these that were imported
> into the US. Anyway, I wasn't previously aware of two different 95.5 S6
> variants. Well known fact? Fiction?
> Interested parties can contact
>  Michael Salimbene
>  John Holz Audi
>  716-334-0880 x3031
> Usual disclaimers apply.
> Phil
> Phil Rose               Rochester, NY
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