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Re: 90Q

Wolff decided to speak these words:

>Possibly the coupe was the only 20v Audi stateside in 1990. '91 also saw
>the 200 tq with 20 valves :)

No, i think that the 90 90Q did have the 20v, i know that the 88 and 89 
didnt, so maybe what he saw was actually one of those years.  I can also 
attest to the fact that the 88 does a fine job motivating itself.  It is 
just about equal with regard to my 4kq in terms of acceleration. I pull 
away just slightly in the lower speeds, but once past maybe 70 the 90 
pulls past me and continues to gain ground...mostly cause of the gearing 
and because of the better aerodynamics of the 90.  My 4kq is about as 
bricklike as well....a brick...

but i can still outhandle all of them...so im fine with it...hehe


Michael Sheridan Williams
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