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Re: Poor Coupe Mileage

>     They changed the spark plugs ( I checked), the air filters, fuel
> filters, adjusted air/fuel.  Where would I check the sensors, and how would
> I check the vacume leaks.  The mileage has always been like this, but I just
> bought the car about 2 months ago.  The cat has had trouble, but it is
> intermittant.

ding ding ding I'm too beat to answer the good questions but your cat is
intermittently bad?  You mean it's broken up inside?  cause if you do,
fix it now before you choke (or constipate) your engine worse.

ok, look at all the rubber and cloth hoses on your engine, twist and
bend, looking for cracks.  Clean 'em if you can't tell.

I think the url below has pix of where the oxs wire comes out.

bye for now

Huw Powell