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Re: Audi as a "consumer car"

> unwilling to drive a boring car.  I actually have a 1992 Accord (my wife 
> brought it with her into the marriage and we kept it for her 84-yr-old father 
> who lives with us to drive in the winter here in WI... when his nice 75 
> Mercedes would be hard to start and damaged by the salt.  Even he prefers to 
> drive the old MB over the newer Honda.)  It is perfectly reasonable 
> transportation and has been very reliable, but has been VERY expensive to fix 
> when it did break.  Fit  and finish are also excellent.  But it rides and 
> drives like c@*p.

I see they haven't changed since the 87ish one I had.  There is one corner
with a nice step in the middle.  The suspension would soak up the bump,
then it seemed that it delayed, then realized that it ought to get back
to being at normal ride height... it always felt like it was trying to
launch me into oncoming traffic.

Then I test drove an 87 4ks (I was looking at VWs for my girlfriend
and it was lying in wait, hiding amongst the VWs...)
What a difference!  Bump, what bump?  It was goodbye Honda, hello Audi
the next day.