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K26 "clicking"...whadupwiddat?


I'm at work right now, can't remember if I've asked
this question before, can't find a reference on the
quattro search pages.

Here is the problem:

   My K26 has started to produce clicking noises
   that can be heard even from within the car with
   all windows shut. This clicking came to be
   noticed after I had changed oil and silenced the
   lifters (for a while). Sound is most evident at
   startup and can be heard from directly above
   the opening between the IM and fool distributor.
   It fades moving away from that region or doing
   under the car (ie. to the alternator).


   What in the region of the turbo location on the
   10V 200 can be the source of the clicking?

   If this is clicking from the turbo then would
   this normally mean some part is making contact
   with the housing or perhaps the shaft is
   slightly bent and causing a offset motion of
   some sorts? Or could this just mean the bearings
   are worn out and causing play on the shaft?

Other symptom I can't explain with my small
Audi content brain:

   Sometimes, pull off from a stop at a constant
   pedal position and RPM and there will be a
   sudden surge after a few seconds. This is
   accompanied (sometimes) by that lovely whine
   from upfront. This will then die off. A kind
   of feeling that the thing is breaking free
   from sort of catch point.

Me thinks it is the turbo's time for a rebuild.
All does point to it and y'all be thinking I'm
an idiot for asking silly question with all the
evidence, but I'd rather hear who had anything
similar and what was the cheapest fix to be
had, ie. rebuild kit, new turbo.

Yes, it is the end of the month and I'll planning
my savings in order to fix the car.

Thanks in advance for any help on rebuilding or
pinpointing any sort of faults.