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Re: help with a speeding ticket and cool driving story stuff...

>At 03:40 PM 7/29/98 -0700, Michael Williams wrote:
>>Paul Wilson decided to speak these words:
>>Most are...honda accord, civic, etc etc etc...i have respect for the
>>sports cars, but this little miata was referred to as a POS due to the
>>fact that he went up against me, a lowly 4kq at stock ride height and got
>>his butt whipped...so a car renowned for its handling cant match my
>>sedan...well then...
>I find a lot of Japanese cars to be boring, but boring and POS are not the
>same thing.
I beg to differ.  The Acura Integra is one hell of a fun car; even the
early(1990, based of civic body) Legend is _very_ quick.  A friend drives
one; it's not slow(but is no match for the 200q :)

>Anyway, I suspect the guy in the Miata didn't know how to drive.  I've
>raced various cars in the Miata(including cars guaranteed to be faster than
>your 4kq) and not had a problem.  Of course if it was raining, that's
>different.  Or maybe the Miata was an automatic(a travesty if true).
I agree.  Best car in the world won't do you any good if your driver can't
A friend of a friend had a miata; he loved it until he bought a mercedes coupe.
They seem like excellent cars; they perform well, are reliable and don't
cost a whole lot.  The only negative point is that I doubt you'd survive
any serious accident; kiss your butt goodbye in a rollover.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen the ROPS system in the C70 convertible?
When the car senses an impending rollover, it explodes out two pillars that
act sort of like a roll cage, if I understand correctly.  Way cool(though
one wonders how much explosives are in a Volvo these days; airbags, ROPS,
pyrotechnic seatbelt pretensioners...

>>Well, these are auxilliary low beams.  Meaning that they are designed not
Hella XL's?  They're great...had a set before a snowplow took 'em out.

>>to glare in people's eyes.  When i drive down 2 lane roads in the darkest
>>of nights, i dont get flashed by oncoming traffic.  Period.  The
>>instructions by Hella even state that these are designed to be used 100%
>>of the time when my low beams are on and will not glare in other people's
>>So i am following the manufacturer's specs.  And yes, they are aimed
>Driving lights, to me, generally mean super high beams.  Some people get
>PO'd if they see any extra lights so maybe this was the case.  Your
>description makes them sound more reasonable(sorry 'bout the ahole comment).
A lot of people think that the XL's are driving lights when they see them
coming from the other direction.  They're not.  However, they are also
semi-difficult to aim(mine tended to bounce or slip out of position.)
Also, they are only to be mounted above bumper on our cars; the bumper is
too low for under-bumper mounting.  The higher "vantage" point means the
lights get angled down more.

What I can't stand are the hundreds of BMW drivers and truck(Ford/GMC)
owners who put in huge wattage bulbs and blind everyone on the road with
their lowbeams.  Honestly, there's a reason DOT specified a maximum wattage
in one fixture.


Brett Dikeman
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