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Re: Looking to buy a '98/'99 A4.

>  I'm in the market for a '98 or '99 A4, and had a few questions.  
>  First off, when is the next big model change supposed to happen 
>  for the A4 line?  I'd hate to buy the car now and find out that
>  the model's going to change two years from now (I'm planning on
>  keeping the car about 3-4 years).  
>  Also, what kind of a discount can I expect from the dealers?  
>  I'm near Boston, and I've visited the Brookline dealership, but
>  they were complete jerks about a test drive or even giving out
>  pricing, but I'm hoping to find a more hospitable dealership
>  elsewhere.  

Try giving my former employer, Langan Motor Car, a call. The end of the
month is the absolute best time to purchase a new car. We were delivering
50% of our new Audis out of the Capital District by advertising in the NY
Times and giving fire-sale pricing. Find out what your local dealer wants
for the car and then give Langan a buzz. They'll deliver it to your door
probably for far less since they are the largest volume dealer in NY (#17
nationally).  They are also more likely to have what you want. 

Dave from Autohaus is correct, the 1.8tq's are in shorter supply. However, 
they are available. The automatics are much harder to get, but can be found
as well. It's a normal procedure for us to sell cars out of state and
deliver them. The number is (518) 374-9161, ask for Rik Woldring. He'll
give you a straight-forward price that'll be highly competitive without any
of the usual BS. 

 Usual disclaimers (and no longer affiliated). 

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 171K
85 Mr2, 77K
92 Miata, auto, 6K, For Sale (Mom's)