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sunroof in 4ksq

Well, actually the sunroof is just the starter...

My sunroof (electric) stops about 3/4 of the way open and then if I hit the
button again it goes all the way back.  Behavior is the reverse of this when
I close it.  Is this normal operation?  I couldn't find any documentation of 
it, so I wasn't sure...but it does it consistently, and it doesn't cause
any other problems.

My clutch is beginning to stick in first gear.  It doesn't seem to be 
related to any particular driving condition.  I put it in gear and drive
off and then when I go to put in second I notice that the clutch didn't ever 
raise back up!  However, it isn't slipping any noticable amount even stuck
down there (it generally raises up about 1" before it gets stuck).
Bad clutch master/slave cylinder?  It only happens about once or twice
a day, and only began yesterday...opinions on how long I might have before
I will need to do something about it?

The light for my certer diff lock doesn't come on when I lock it...the rear
diff lock comes on and works fine.  Short of putting the car up and turing
the wheels, is there a simple way to find out if the light is gone or if
the diff lock is gone?

Finally, the word irregardless is one of the least usable in the English
language...try 'regardless'.

Nathan B. Thomas