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Re: speeding tickets/cool??? driving story

Phoenix decided to speak these words:

>> going and there was this little miata POS in front of me.  He didnt
>> > my driving lights, which i know were not glaring at his eyes
>> This smells like someone who thinks if it ain't German it's a POS.
>Really.....It does, doesn't it?
I already made my reply to this


>> Driving lights are supposed to be for when other cars aren't around.  Don't
>> be an a**hole, turn them off.
>It's not a big deal to turn them off, especially if you ARE irritating

Well first of all, the only inference that i made that this guy didnt 
like my auxiliary low beam lights was that he stopped in the middle of 
the freaking road for no reason.  Just stopped, then when i went to go 
around him, he took off alot faster than i did.
>> Most are...honda accord, civic, etc etc etc...i have respect for the
>> sports cars, but this little miata was referred to as a POS due to the
>> fact that he went up against me, a lowly 4kq at stock ride height and got
>> his butt whipped...
>Hello!  A POS because he went up against you?  Your 4KQ has more HP
>anyway!  The 4KQ SHOULD outrun the Miata!

Well, i always thought that the miata had more than 115 hp and i know 
that it weighs a hell of alot less as well.  PS...when i say outrun, i 
mean on a twisty road where acceleration is moot and its all about 

>so a car renowned for its handling cant match my
>> sedan...well then...
>Handling vs. HP.  Hmmmmmm.  The Ideal is Handling  AND HP.

Well, my car has handling only...

>> Well, these are auxilliary low beams.  Meaning that they are designed not
>> to glare in people's eyes.  When i drive down 2 lane roads in the darkest
>> of nights, i dont get flashed by oncoming traffic. 
>Maybe not....sometimes they don't bother oncoming as much as they do

Well unless his eyes were 2 feet off of the ground which would make the 
miata about 30 inches tall then they wouldnt be bugging him.
> Period.  The
>> instructions by Hella even state that these are designed to be used 100%
>> of the time when my low beams are on and will not glare in other people's
>> eyes...
>Depends on HOW HIGH your front end is.  Remember, your stock 4KQ is
>higher than the Miata ever thought of being!

Well, its about 2 - 2.5 feet high.

>> So i am following the manufacturer's specs.  And yes, they are aimed
>> correctly.
>Sure, that's what they all say.  Have you put them on a light board at
>an inspection station?

I put them on a flat wall from 30 feet away and aimed the tops of the 
pattern to be at the same place as the top of the low beam.  Plus i 
double checked that with the alignment tool that the lights came with.  

>> Anyway, I suspect the guy in the Miata didn't know how to drive.  I've
>> raced various cars in the Miata(including cars guaranteed to be faster than
>> your 4kq) and not had a problem.  Of course if it was raining, that's
>> different.  Or maybe the Miata was an automatic(a travesty if true).
>Maybe the Miata guy didn't really WANT to outdrive you!

Ok, i guess he was just full on the gas and brakes for no reason, or 
maybe he just felt like kicking out the tail and taking turns at 50 that 
are marked at 25 for no reason, maybe to show off....

>> Driving lights, to me, generally mean super high beams.  Some people get
>> PO'd if they see any extra lights so maybe this was the case.  Your
>> description makes them sound more reasonable(sorry 'bout the ahole comment).
>I don't recall auxilliary lights being STOCK on a 4KQ!  Therefore in
>most states (east coast) they are illegal on low beams!

These are auxilliary low beams, which are designed for use only on low 
beams.  It is also in the california vehicle code that these lights are 
able to be used at anytime with the lowbeams on providing that they are 
aimed correctly, which they are.

>> Well, i think it might be due to my suspension...hehe...i dont have
>> trouble outrunning much through twisties anymore....
>Ah, HP And Handling.  
>Irregardless, harassing other drivers is a good way to cause accidents. 
>Racing should be left to the track....not the streets.
I didnt harrass him. I wasnt the one that stoped in the middle of the 
street to provoke him and i wasnt the one that was leading at any time. 
Until he pulled off the side of the road!


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